Have you ever wondered if life was just about fitting in a system where you get a job, get married, pay your bills and die? If life was just about being a complete economic slave where your time doesn’t belong to you?

I have too. That’s why I decided to look for a different approach to life.

What Is Modern Money Ninja about?

ModernMoneyNinja is an online resource dedicated to people who want to take control of their money and learn how to start their investing journey to create more security and freedom in their lives..

IF you are freaking out about the idea of working this job that you hate until you are 100… Seriously, how long ‘till they push the legal retirement age to that?

IF you are feeling you can’t get ahead:

  • Because you have too much debt and too many freaking expenses
  • Because you spend money faster than you earn it… And spend it even faster every time you have a little bit of fun… But don’t want to stop having fun.
  • Because, like me, you love traveling, foods, stylish clothes and want to get all of this and more…

IF you want to start investing, but don’t know how because you don’t have much time, it’s scary and the financial world makes everything so complicated…


IF you want to do something about it because you are not a lazy bastard.

Then, let me tell you two things:

  1. I’ve been there
  2. Modern Money Ninja is for you.

Because whether we like it or not, money matters….

So how about we learn to make it snow? Legally of course

Who's The Ninja?

Yo, I’m Mourad Tellab a.k.a Modern Money Ninja.

I was born and raised in France although my parents are North African.

I am not exactly from an affluent background. I come from the Parisian banlieue. Let’s say it’s not the Paris that you have seen on TV or in magazines.

… And I never studied finance or economics.

So how come I decided to become a ModernMoneyNinja?



In 2014, I took a 5-day trip to Fiji that changed my life.

I met people there who had very different realities from mine, like this Canadian guy who was 19 and had started two companies, or this Finnish guy who was traveling the world living off his passive income.

I started seeing another world of new possibilities. I started thinking outside the box I had been conditioned to fit in…

And it wasn’t about money, but about freedom… True freedom.

But let’s get real for a second… The real reason these guys had a badass lifestyle was because their finances where on point.

That’s when I really realised the difference money could make in one’s life.


Shortly after returning to France, a book crossed my path. It was Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki.

After reading this book, I refused to blame anyone and I decided to start my first business venture selling collector toys on different e-commerce platforms, including Ebay.

It wasn’t easy because even if I was successful, I wasn’t ready.

No matter how much I made, I would always find a way to spend it. And here I was, back to step one.

The Land Of The Free

So in 2015, decided to go to Australia to reach out to wealthy people to understand how they got there.

It wasn’t easy.. Over the course of a year, I…

  • Worked nine different jobs including working as a sales person for a notorious bank and planting trees for three months in the south of Australia…
  • Slept on two different couches and in an attic so I could have enough time and money to investigate…
  • Read more than 100 books on the subject of business, economics and investing…

… And I met 12 multi-millionaires.

Getting the opportunity to spend time with them, I realised that all of them followed the same path that involved understanding the world of money in a way that is not taught to the general population…

Modern Money Ninja was born.

Modern Money Ninja with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, founders of The Rich Dad Company. Sydney, Australia – August 2016.


Modern Money Ninja with Kevin Green, #1 property owner in the U.K. Sydney, Australia – May 2016.

So, did you become a multi-millionaire?

I am not a multi-millionaire, far from it.

But I really believe that in our information age, knowledge is the new money. The main problem is that most of what we are being taught about money is B.S… Most people are going in the wrong direction.

And having learnt that, I feel a personal responsibility to do something about it.

My promise to you is to document every step of my journey. I will share with you everything I learn as I learn it.

I will share my successes as well as my failures.

… And I will also share with you my latest ninja moves.

Want To Know More About Me?